CoPB Update

***Clarification from UCLMS regarding CoPBs***

  • Concern over Professional Behaviour (CoPB) forms are an internal formative device used by UCLMS to highlight poor professionalism.
  • CoPBs are not declarable to outside bodies (e.g. The GMC) or Employers – they are only used within the Medical School.
  • CoPBs issued for attendance alone will not result in a sanction against the student as students are expected to take appropriate action to improve their attendance. However, where there are significant issues affecting attendance and a failure to engage with the student support team to address such issues it may become a more serious issue.
  • A CoPB for any reason other than attendance will result in a sanction:
    • It will be recorded in the student’s record. 
    • If a student has failed the end of year assessment as a Group 2 (borderline) failure, it will prevent the student from being granted a pass. 
    • If a student passes the end of year assessment, an upheld CoPB will make them ineligible for a merit or distinction in that year assessment 
  • If a student acquires 2 CoPB forms in the same year, then this will be taken to the exam board and will result in the student failing the year.