RUMS Exec Elections 2016

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Vote now to vote for your representatives to UCL Medical School, UCLU and United Hospitals as well as for the people you want to take over Welfare, Events and Sports and Societies!




Emma Beck

RUMS is such a happy place to study medicine, but there’s no denying it can be tough at times. That is why welfare is so important within our community. We already have a great welfare system in place but a lot of people don’t know about the help that’s available. We shouldn’t have to search out welfare, it should come to us. I want to make people more aware of who they can talk to and the services available to them. We can’t achieve our best if we are overstressed and overworked. I will strive to make sure the importance of student mental health is incorporated into the curriculum from day one. We all applied to RUMS because we had a passion for medicine, and wanted to study at one of the best institutions in the world. I want to work with the medical school to increase positive reinforcement in teaching, so that students have a better chance of maintaining this enthusiasm – especially in the current political climate. Playing netball has been one of the highlights of my RUMS career so far and I would work closely with the Sports and Societies VP to ensure that teams are as inclusive as possible. My positions on the Medic2Medic charity, and MedSoc Global Medicine Committees this year have been a test of my dedication, hard work and enthusiasm. I have helped organise events, meetings, and raised awareness. I would love the opportunity to be your next Welfare VP.

Nadia Eden

RUMS is a very special body of likeminded students, full of great opportunities that we are a part of, but we need to ensure every member is appreciated and knows there is a helping hand available for any situation. I believe I have the dedication and desire to ensure this is fulfilled. Whether you’re in a sport, society or just doing your own thing, everyone should feel they have a support network to turn to throughout what can be a challenging 6 years. One of my main focuses would be the newly established medics4medics, which I am eager to continue and expand should I be appointed. Mental health is often overlooked at medical school and so I’m very keen to raise the profile of medics4medics and work with UCLU in Taboo week to ensure that this issue is rightfully recognised. Similarly, I’d also like to work with the newly set up LGBT+ society to ensure they are incorporated into RUMS by raising awareness right from the start at Freshers Week. If I were given the opportunity to be your Welfare VP, I would use my compassion, eagerness and enthusiasm to try and make a positive difference to RUMS welfare.


Ozzy Eboreime

Hello, I’m Ozzy and it would be a pleasure to be your RUMS VP for Events. My current role as VP for Education has put me in contact with many of you in the academic setting and beyond. I have worked hard to ensure your academic life is as suited to your needs and expectations as possible. I would love the opportunity to ensure that your social life is also. Helping Frankie, the current VP for Events, at RUMS events has been an invaluable learning experience for me about what this role entails. Regarding next year, I have three clear priorities. My top priority is creating events that are unforgettable (for the right reasons) and good value for money. Next, continuing our much loved events like our pub crawl in Fresher’s Fortnight and our first RUMS Dine With Me. Lastly, introducing new events into our social calendar such as introducing a Halfway-Ball after the iBSc graduation. I am aware that from Fresher’s Fortnight to Finalists’ Ball, the events within RUMS are some of the best that we attend. I pledge to ensure that they remain some of our most memorable moments and would love your vote and support in achieving this.

Ollie Pfeiffer

For many students passing through RUMS, the most memorable experience is that of fresher’s week at the start of their first year. As RUMS Events VP, I will make it my goal to build upon the work of the previous holders of the position, and continue to ensure the events during fresher’s week are more affordable and accessible to all students, in addition to reflecting a selection of the best things a London-based university can offer, of course maintaining current favourites like the boat party and pub-crawl. As a very large medical school, we have a great diversity amongst our students, which I believe is something that we must celebrate – as such, I shall aim to increase the variety of events that are available, so everyone can enjoy and feel as involved as I have done during my two years here. Sport is obviously one of the major part of student life, and I will strongly liaise with the Sports and Societies VP to make more inter-sport events available – having these will make the bonds between clubs even stronger, and enhance RUMS’s identity at UCL. Owing to the success of current events like the Lumsden Cup and RUMS Dine With Me, I believe we can continue this trend with “RUMS Day at the River”, a social event at the boathouse where everyone can get take part. Charity work has always been a huge part of RUMS, I hope this event could help raise some money for a selected charity that we can show support for in unity. At my sixth form, I was responsible for arranging both our winter ball and end of year formal. The responsibility involved my team and I dealing directly with the venues in terms of finances, as well as separately arranging the catering. I strongly believe this experience would be invaluable if I were to be elected as Events VP.


Nabil Jetha

RUMS is vital. It provides a platform to communicate with staff, indulge our sporting and artistic interests, access support for our welfare and attend some of the best social events of our lives. I will ensure the provision of the aspects of RUMS that we hold dear, such as safeguarding travel reclaim and keeping our events unforgettable but also subsidised and affordable – after all, being a London student isn’t kind to one’s overdraft! Furthermore, I will ensure funding for any exciting new projects, especially after the successful launch of the RUMS Review. I also want to use my committee position to increase awareness of the role of the RUMS committee and what it has to offer to medical students. This position requires exceptional communication and time-management skills. As a module representative I have demonstrated my ability to liaise with staff and students, and directing both a cast of 30 whilst still at school, and the MDs InspireMedicine show whilst surviving N&B, proves my ability to keep organised under pressure. I trust I will do a great job in this role of RUMS Vice-President Operations and Finance, if you agree I would be honoured if you would vote for me!


James Shuttleworth

I have been a member of RUMS for the past 3 years, an organisation that has provided the opportunity to grow as a person, furthering my ambition and allowing me to take on an active role within the medical school community. Without the support of those who I have met during my time here from sports and societies, my experience of medical school would have been much poorer. I would never have taken up a new sport, or had the guidance and advice from senior students around exam time. We are far more than just societies and should be represented by someone who understands this. I will: 1) Maintain the traditions and wellbeing of RUMS sport, including Sports Ball and UH Sportsnight. 2) Communicate with the presidents of all Sports and Societies ensuring all are heard equally and specific needs are met where possible. 3) Ensure travel reclaim is maintained for sports teams. 4) Drive the benefits of RUMS sports and societies to fresher’s, focussing on a life outside medicine, the support provided, and the assistance given by older years, especially educationally. 5) Encourage greater support of sports and societies towards each other and plan for sustainable evolution of clubs.

Katie Chapple

Our sports and societies are something that I am really passionate about. Not only does it give you a chance to get outside of the lecture theatre, but it also forms an incredibly supportive community that I believe is the basis for people’s success while at university. Having been RUMS Events VP (2014/15), Hockey Captain (2013/14), Hockey Social Sec (2014/15) and Hockey Fixtures Sec (2015/16), I believe I have a good basis for working with the union and also an appreciation of what is necessary to create a successful club or society. I would like to continue to fight off plans for mergers between UCLU and RUMS and thereby keep our autonomy. Travel reclaims has been a huge dispute recently and I would make sure that we get to keep them so that there is no discrimination against those who can’t afford to play sport without this support. I am keen on our societies having a larger platform within RUMS, with everyone making an effort to support the wide variety of events put on by our members. Freshers flourish within societies and sports teams and so I want to see far more of them getting involved in the coming year.


Emily Irwin

Having experienced the ups and downs of the first two years studying medicine at UCLMS I am well aware of the importance of close collaboration between students and the medical school. Lecture content is hard enough to try and understand without numerous interruptions because something as seemingly trivial as a microphone battery has been neglected. I would love the opportunity to build on the amazing work of previous Y1-3 VPs; the increased awareness and ease of feedback to student representatives through social media platforms has been so useful. I would like to further increase the ease of feedback by introducing each module’s representatives in lecture theatre at the commencement of each new module. This will ensure there is a recognisable face as an entry point for feedback directly to the medical school. While this role has been extended to include Y3, more needs to be done to integrate the representation of medical students in other departments in this particularly unique year. I am an approachable and organised person and I hope will be able to provide a useful bridge to consult and communicate with both students and the medical school.

Carol Chan

Since the first time I shouted to inform Kate Ward that her microphone was not working, I have never been afraid to speak up for my peers. As a current student representative, I strive to ensure that the medical school listens and implements appropriate changes, be it improving the portfolio submission system or issuing more SBAs. I have a thorough understanding of the medical school’s operational structure and I know whom to approach to get things sorted. Through organising this year’s inspireMEdicine Conference, I demonstrated thoughtfulness and flexibility in making decisions that cater to a large group of students and faculty. As a prospective third year student, I believe I have the skills, experience and passion to serve as your representative. If elected, I will maintain constant communication between preclinical years and the medical school. I particularly wish to highlight the various channels through which student feedback may immediately be relayed. I also intend to work closely with iBSc course representatives to ensure that third year students continue to receive attention and support from the medical school. We have the unique privilege and responsibility of enhancing our academic experience at UCL. Please join me in securing transparency and efficiency from a medical school that we are proud to be a part of.

Marios Erotocritou

Following my 4 years of study at UCL, I could be no better qualified in understanding the workings of our university and appreciating its students’ needs; making me an ideal candidate for the position of RUMS VP Representation Y1-3. I have successfully integrated myself into RUMS and the university by being a member of RUMS Hockey Club, student academic representative and VSU liaison. As an academic representative for four years I have learned how to communicate the views of the student body effectively towards the university at student-staff consultative committees. Constructive, well-supported arguments go a long way; tools that have helped us secure the implementation of significant changes in testing, feedback, access to resources and research project acquisition. I will work hard to promote transparency, student support and equal opportunities for all. Your views, concerns and ideas will always be taken on-board. With your help and collaboration, I will identify problems and offer solutions to improve our experience and learning at UCLMS. I will effectively liaise with the university to ensure they have a comprehensive understanding of our needs and take direct action in tackling any issues we raise. I promise that your vote will be rewarded by my hard work.

Daniel Alsoof

Hello, I’m Daniel and it would be a pleasure to represent the voices of years 1-3. I want your opinions to define your own student experience and I will dedicate myself to facilitate this. The MDs have shaped many of my first year experiences but I understand that others might have a different view of RUMS. If elected, it will be my main priority to relay your concerns and feedback appropriately. As Deputy Head Boy of my school, I have represented 1,200 students at committee meetings. I worked hard to present their concerns and make changes. I am currently a UCL Student Ambassador which involves listening and helping prospective students with their queries. Similarly, I pledge to work hard in getting to know you and listening to your opinions. I have enjoyed the introduction of “Monday Mixers” and I will continue to push for more occasions where students can express their feedback, whether academic or pastoral. I will meet with module representatives regularly to discuss issues and liaise with faculty. If you give me the chance, I will be a dependable and approachable representative who will listen to your concerns and express them effectively.

Dilen Parmar

Everything we learn, experience and accomplish as medical students is the result of hours of planning, research and perseverance by all members of faculty. Their dedication provides us with a seamless educational experience, for which we are greatly privileged. However, my role as an I&D representative has highlighted to me the many academic issues that still exist. Particularly, the disparity of knowledge between students within each year. If elected, I will ensure greater transparency and earlier communication from the medical school on exams and important changes, crucial in ensuring that students know what is required to pass from the onset, and to stop students having to rely on others for information. I would also like to establish a forum, where students can discuss all aspects of the medical curriculum and receive help from their peers, senior students and teachers. Finally, I will endeavour to work with Raj to form a more accountable student committee and improve communication between representatives and fellow students, to truly advocate the student voice. I understand what needs to be achieved to evolve as a medical school, and to maintain our reputation of producing the very best doctors. Together, we will make RUMS an unparalleled institution.


Tay-Yibah Mohamed

Hello, I’m Tay currently a fourth year medic at UCL and I am applying to be your VP of RUMS education (Y4-6). A key part of this role is to facilitate communication between students who want to learn and the faculty who wants to teach us. A relationship which sounds very simple but it is complicated by miscommunication and misunderstanding. I am currently in the midst of experiencing clinical years, meaning I have a fresh outlook on areas which need to be improved: delayed notification of timetables/allocations, last-minute cancellation of teaching and disparity between teaching quality depending on locations. I know I am yet to experience the joy of fifth and six year which I why I am keen to listen to you guys and if elected we can work together with the faculty to improve our medical education. I have past experience of being a public representative as UCL’s NUS delegate in 2014, I have also led a large student charity campaign called Charity week and I have previous experience in peer-led teaching as RUMS Isoc academic lead I hope to use the skills developed through these experiences as your VP of RUMS education (Y4-6)