Honorary President

A short message from our honorary president, Dr. Paul Dilworth

The individual Medical Schools of the Royal Free, University College and Middlesex all came together to form UCL Medical School in 1998. Each had their own proud history and the tradition of these institutions is captured in the name of our Medical Student Society ‘RUMS’ – Royal Free, University College and Middlesex Students.

RUMS has two main functions. Firstly it is the elected representative body for Medical Students of UCLMS. Hence it is your voice about educational, welfare and other issues and your bridge to the Faculty. Secondly it is the social and sporting heart of the School with excellent sports teams and other societies

It is an organisation with not only an excellent history but also an essential present and a great future. Belong and support! It is yours!

Dr Paul Dilworth

Consultant Physician Royal Free

Sub Dean UCLMS

Hon President RUMS