Your Committee

PRESIDENT – Raj Pradhan  

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Dear all,

Welcome back! As always, the RUMS committee have been working hard over summer to ensure this year is even better than the last. We have a calendar packed with events and opportunities to look forward to, from old favourites (Can sports ball get even bigger?) to some new surprises that I am sure will go down a treat! I’m also looking forward to seeing the fruits of a strengthened RUMS committee, with the introduction of a Publicity Officer, and closer relationships between the Medical Society, Surgical Society and RUMS.

Our main focuses this year will be assessing and improving the welfare services available to medical students, and improving the access to RUMS as a whole. In this way we can ensure we are supporting students who are most in need, and continue to stay relevant to the student body.

It is inevitable that there will be some challenges in the year ahead, but looking at the strength of the committee you have elected, and in light of the unity you as students have shown last year through the junior doctor negotiations, I am certain we will be capable of handling them.

If you have any suggestions or queries, please do get in touch – other- wise I look forward to seeing you in the coming year!


THE RUMS EXECUTIVE – There are 6 Vice Presidents who are each responsible for a different part of RUMS. Furthermore, this year has seen the addition of two new roles to the committee: RUMS Review Chief Editor and RUMS Publicity Officer. Positions are typically elected in the UCLU Spring Elections, so stay tuned if you are keen to get involved! 


      Representation Years 1-3 VP – Carol Chan  


Hi! My name is Carol, and I am the RUMS VP academic representative for years 1-3. With the introduction of summative OCAPE  (Objective Clinical and Practical Examinations) in year two, this is going to be a big year for the pre-clinical students  and for the medical school. I wish to work closely with Professor Lionel Ginsberg and the faculty to integrate more mocks, especially during the CIF  weeks.

In terms of academics, student representatives will be introduced at the start of the modules so that students can approach them with any concerns and issues at any time. Such information will be relayed during the specific module meetings and the teaching sub-committee meetings. Termly updates of the medical school’s response and progress will also be made available for students. To ensure that third year students continue to receive attention and support, I also intend to facilitate communication amongst the course leads, iBSc representatives and the medical school.

Lastly, I will ensure that student voices are heard, especially in regards to the faulty audio-visual system in Lecture Theatre one, as well as concerns over the inconsistency and quality of the personal tutor scheme.

We all have a unique privilege and responsibility to enhance our academic experience at UCL. I am looking forward to securing transparency and efficiency from a medical school that we are proud to be a part of.

Representation Years 4-6 VP  Tay-Yibah Mohamed  

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Hi! I’m Tay, a fifth year medical student at UCL and next year I’m looking forward to being your RUMS VP Academic representative years 3-6!

For those who don’t know what my job is: I am basically a bridge between the medical school’s teaching (both the curriculum and its facilities) and our expectations and concerns. If you have an issue with how something is taught or an idea as to how to improve things, let me know and I’ll see what we can do. We’re very fortunate to have a medical school that actually values and acts on students’ opinions. But it’s a two way street.

My plans for next year are to build on the amazing work carried out by the legend that is Ravi Mistry (last year’s Y4-6 VP) (*props*). I want to try to improve the timetables – a known thorn in every clinical med student’s side. I also hope to ensure more equitable teaching between the many sites of UCL. All of my plans are contingent on getting lots of feedback from students in order to make an informed and convincing argument for change. I hope, together, we can continue advancing clinical teaching at UCL.

Sports and Societies VP – James Shuttleworth


My name is James Shuttleworth, I am the new Sports and Societies VP and I am just starting my fourth year in medical school. For the coming academic year, I will look to continue the good work of my predecessor, Andy Webb, as well as to build on the values of different groups within the medical school community.

We are all part of RUMS from the moment we begin our studies at UCL, but much of the identity we acquire during our time here is based around the activities, sports teams and societies we join and contribute to. As ever, we look to increase inclusivity within these groups and support the incoming freshers in what can be a stressful (but incredibly fun) first year.

We are more than just teams, groups, societies and friends. We serve as a network to maximise the enjoyment and experience of our time in university. We aim to support those who need assistance, and to continue time honoured events, beginning with freshers’ fayre in late September and leading through to Christmas with Bill Smiths and UH sports night being highlights. Last year’s sports ball was the biggest we have ever had, and hopefully will be of a similar size this near!

I am really looking forward to representing RUMS in the coming year, addressing problems that I have experienced during my time at university and maintaining the importance of RUMS Sports & Societies, as well as introducing exciting new activities!

Welfare VP – Nadia Eden

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Hi, I’m Nadia, a third year medic and the RUMS Welfare Rep for the coming year. Welfare is a really important yet often neglected part of university life, and I’m sure everyone has their opinions as to how it should be approached at UCL.

As the new welfare officer this year my main goals are to increase accessibility and transparency for students looking for guidance. The welfare team and I hope to achieve this through the promotion of Becki Clarke’s Medics4Medics and through participation in UCL’s taboo week with our own little spin and section. We aim for this to be be done before Easter revision to give information on social taboos such as mental health, exam stress alleviation and advice.

Another aspect that I want to introduce this year, which UCL are trying to improve on the whole, is a feedback survey for all students on how they currently find the welfare system in RUMS. This should allow us to identify the main problems people have and work towards fixing the issues that students are currently facing. I’m looking forward to a really positive year and hope to make some auspicious and long-standing changes.

Operations and Finance VP – Nabil Jetha

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Hello! I’m Nabil, I’m a third year and I’m the new RUMS VP Finance and Operations. My main jobs are to liaise with UCLU, oversee and organise RUMS’ sponsorships and expenditures, and to make sure we are maintaining a healthy budget.

The ‘operations’ part of my role is basically to make sure things are running smoothly with events and other RUMS activities, which will be helped this year by our new position of RUMS Publicity Officer. I’m already loving this role as it allows me to interact with all areas and aspects of the RUMS committee and RUMS as a whole.

My aims for next year are simple: I want to increase RUMS’ funding and resources to ensure that it is financially stable and will consistently be able to provide amazing events, excellent welfare and be a truly inclusive union that we can continue to be proud of.

Events VP – Ozzy Eboreime

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Hello, I’m Ozzy and I am your RUMS VP for Events. For me, the best part of my role is getting to meet and party with a range of people from across the years at RUMS. My mantra for this coming year is work hard and play harder! Creating events that are unforgettable, for the right reasons, and ensuring good value for money are my top priorities.

I am committed to continuing much loved events like our pub crawl in fresher’s fortnight and our first RUMS dine with me. I also look forward to introducing new events into our social calendar such as a “halfway-ball” after iBSc graduation. I am aware that from fresher’s fortnight to finalists’ ball, the events within RUMS have the potential to be some of the best that we ever have. I am dedicated to ensuring that this year they definitely will be.

RUMS Review Chief Editor – Beth Gillies

Publicity Officer – Sophie Bracke

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Hi everyone! The upcoming academic year will see the addition of a new role to the RUMS committee; Publicity Officer. This new position will help to facilitate the roles of other committee members, allowing them to focus more on their direct tasks by reducing the work burden of publicity. Following my year at RUMS Review, I wished to seek out a new challenge, yet hoped to be able to continue contributing to the RUMS community. Thus, when the opportunity to take on this brand new task was presented to me, I was very eager to do so.

As RUMS Publicity Officer, I will largely oversee RUMS’ online presence. I will be responsible for the social media changes, and will also be spending significant amounts of time updating the RUMS website, turning it into a widely used medium and informative resource. Additionally, I will be available to committee members and societies to advise on and aid their publicity needs. I am excited about the multitude of new challenges and skills that the role will present to me, as well as to be more involved with the inner workings of RUMS. Overall, my main hope as Publicity Officer is to be able to showcase the talent, work, and exciting changes within RUMS to an even wider audience.