Surgical Society

11698958_10153152611857730_449930349779583403_oHello and welcome to UCL! One of the best ways to settle into university life is to join a number of clubs and societies, giving you the chance to meet many other students from different years. Surgical Society gives you the perfect chance to do this, with many events running regularly throughout the year – from hands-on robotics workshops to revision tutorials to our annual National Undergraduate Surgical Conference to ourRoyal Rumble: Battle of the Surgeons! Look out for us in both the RUMS AND UCL Freshers Fairs and enjoy our notorious Scrubs Party in Freshers Fortnight in your ‘borrowed’ scrubs!11731660_10153152611827730_5549513224071723605_o

We realise that surgery is a very popular career option, and often it’s important to show commitment towards it from an early stage. Now, we have speciality chairs for nine different specialities and we are looking for keen and creative people to get involved. Whether you see yourself as a budding cardiothoracic surgeon or plastic surgeon, we’d like you to get involved. Check out our website; like us on Facebook; and follow us on Twitter or Instagram and keep tuned for our updates.11705424_10153152611882730_1216179166104128865_o