11705750_974116239307262_213355762_oUCLU and RUMS Raise And Give (RAG) Society is a student-run charity fundraising organisation that brings students from everywhere together, creating a network of people who enjoy having fun while fundraising for some very worthwhile charities. Our top events include Jailbreak, LOST and ourfantastic trip abroad to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro! This year, our charities are: The Cure Parkinson’s Trust, Teenage Cancer Trust and Pump Aid.11541515_974116242640595_2070069332_o

Jailbreak is a widely known charity event that sends people toall corners of the world, from New York to Tokyo, for free! In this crazy journey, teams endeavour to travel as far away from UCL as possible in 36 hours, without spending any money. How far can you go?11694223_974116232640596_2119200426_n

LOST is our “reverse jailbreak” event that leaves you stranded in a mysterious location with only your wits and charm to get you back to UCL. Fancy dress encouraged, sense of adventure compulsory!

Our trip abroad challenges only the strongest to climb the highest mountain in Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro, on a once-in-lifetime 10 day trip for Hope For Children!11696862_974116235973929_758746518_n

We also engage with our society in a variety of social events and hold a special RAG Week to celebrate and raise awareness on a topic of choice! Keep updated to hear more about the exciting events and collaborations we have in store this year!

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You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter!11541626_974116245973928_1578393205_o