welfare1RUMS has a vast array of resources and contacts available to help medical students through any issues they may face during their 6 years at medical school. Though many students pass through medical school without needing support, rest assured that there will always be a team on hand to help you with any question you may have, no matter how big or small! On this page you should find the various resources you need to get through your time here.

We can offer support on issues such as:

  • Leaving home, and transitioning to the independence of university life;
  • Academic Issues;
  • Personal Issues (Social, Family, Sexual);
  • Housing and Financial Problems;

and many other matters, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need help/advice. Confidentiality will be maintained at all times, and we will dothe best we can to work with the medical school to help you out. Remember that you can also talk to your personal tutor or VM tutor.welfare 2

RUMS Welfare will be putting on various events during the year, including welfare drop-in sessions, exam de-stress events (for preclins and clinical students), and post-results drop-in sessions. Look out for more details on this page, in the RUMS Bulletin, and on Facebook.


Stress is common amongst members of the medical profession, and students are no exception. This scheme aims to make use of the wealth of experience ofRUMS students throughout the years to help others. It’s run by trained medical students, for medical students- so if you have any worries about life in RUMS, or you just fancy a chat with another med student, come by for our weekly drop-in sessions!

Information on where/when the sessions will be held will be advertised via the RUMS Bulletin and on this site.welfare 3